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Much More

Much More

Synonyms for much more include a lot more, very much more, so much more, far more, appreciably more, considerably more, immeasurably more, many more, noticeably more and significantly more.

Annex much more than words spoken communication and patient safety in the nhs report of the patient safety initiative group nhs improvement july 2018.

Much more is perfectly grammatical, and in fact much more popular than a lot more, according to both the british national corpus and the corpus of contemporary american english bnc coca much more 8024 29549 a lot more 1209 9954 much more comfortable 28 203 a lot more comfortable 12 72 much more expensive 47 186 a lot more expensive 13 47 much more.

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Use a lot of and lots of for both countable and uncountable nouns. Use iswas for uncountable and arewere for countable nouns.

(also far, rather, a little, a bit, a lot) this apple is much more beautiful than that one.

Much more water as staerkendevej 43, 4000 roskilde, denmark phone 45 8020 8020 email infomuchmorewater. Com the scalable bluebox water purification units provide potable water around the world. Danish emergency management agency deploys water purification units to sulawesi in aid of the recent tsunami.